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I am your happy. I am your morning coffee. I am your promotion at work and the long awaited plane ticket between your fingers. I am the pants that fit you perfectly and the day right after the rain stops. I am the little bookstore on the corner and the spontaneous stranger at the train station that smiles a lot. I am her, the one you keep staring at. I am the amazing dinner with delicious lips for dessert and loud, passionate midnight snack with scars you don’t notice until the morning. I am a warm night in tight arms and a 5 hour conversation.

I am your sad. I am a crowded bar with no one to talk to. I am the letters of “We regret to inform you” that sit on a pile on your kitchen table. I am the birthday that reminds you how many years have passed and how lost you still are. I am your insufficient funds. I am the text message ✓Read 3:25am with no response and 0 Missed Calls in the morning. I am the restless night and your scrolling finger. I am the old pictures you refuse to delete from your phone. I am the one you don’t want to think about, that you think about.

I am your passion. I am the one who you need to prove wrong, that you are worth something, that you will make it. I am no sleep and a desk lamp. I am your 9 hour workday. I am blood and I am sweat and all the excuses that you ignore. I am the “Fuck you, I’ll do this without you”. I am everything you find beautiful and the one true love in your life. I am the target that you need to hit. That you need to hit. You need to.

I am your life. And though you might curse every part about me today, I promise you, I will still be here in the morning.


— The Letter That You Never Got

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May 13, 2014 at 05:52AM


May 13, 2014 at 05:52AM





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im so fucked up over the fact that some countries have free college

and free healthcare 

Kinda like their government acknowledges that those are rights not privileges



I’m getting a cafe racer


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